GAZPROM Germania Gasspeicher Haidach


OOO GSA, Moscow, is licensed to operate the Haidach Natural Gas Storage Facility.


The marketing of the Storage Haidach which is owned pro rata by GAZPROM Germania GmbH, Branch Office Austria is handled directly by GSA LLC. Any information with respect to the details of the marketing, such as the Storage Tariffs, etc. are available on the following Website in English language:


On behalf of GAZPROM Germania, astora GmbH & Co KG manages the share of GAZPROM Germania GmbH in the Haidach storage facility. Further information can be found on the following website:


The ever-increasing natural gas consumption in the European Union requires both an extension and an expansion of storage capacities to guarantee continuous supply security. Against this background, the Austrian underground storage facility Haidach in the state of Salzburg was converted into one of the largest underground gas storage facilities in Europe. At the beginning of operation after the second extension starting April 2011, the usable working gas volume amounts to 2.6 billion m³.


On the basis of the proximity to the German - Austrian border crossing point Burghausen was tied up directly Haidach in Munich the Bayernets GmbH at the grid the storage. The storage Haidach is direct interconnected with the German network infrastructure and can be used consequently in Germany also Austria for the saisonalen balance.

Storage Haidach

Gasspeicher Haidach (Österreich)